Polyurethane application in the polysilicon industry

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Polysilicon and other semiconductor materials require high purity during the production process to prevent contamination of materials during production. One of the important sources of pollution is metal tools. Therefore, in production, materials must avoid contact with metal tools, and polyurethane and polyurethane-lined tools are an ideal choice.

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The company provides polyurethane products for many customers in the polysilicon industry, including raw material containers, transportation tools, production line polyurethane parts, crushing tables, packaging tools and so on. The product is wear-resistant, has a long service life and is non-polluting to the product and is widely welcomed.

●Polyurethane conveyor belt

●Polyurethane rubber parts

●Polyurethane lining

●Polyurethane liner

●Polyurethane container, polyurethane trolley

●Polyurethane scraper, scraper

●Polyurized protective cover

01 polyurethane urethane PU polysilicon guide rollers High industry Tech.jpg

PU guide wheel

01 polyurethane urethane PU polysilicon timing belt High industry Tech.jpg

conveyor belt

03 polyurethane urethane PU spade in polysilicon.jpg

polyurethane scrapper

01 polyurethane lining polysilicon working platform.jpg

polyurethane lining work table

02 polyurethane urethane PU polysilicon guide rollers High industry Tech.jpg

Urethane coated wheels 

01 polyurethane urethane PU polysilicon liner protector High industry Tech.jpg

PU lining parts

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