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JIANGSU HIGH INDUSTRY TECH CO., LTD specializes in the development, production and service of high performance polyurethane products. The main products include polyurethane board, polyurethane rod, polyurethane belt, polyurethane rubber packing, polyurethane lining liner, polyurethane cushion, polyurethane rubber roller, polyurethane roller, polyurethane elastomer customization, polyurethane extrusion product customization, polyurethane spring, polyurethane mold, etc. . Through continuous material innovation and in-depth research in the industry, the company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive polyurethane product solutions.

The company's products have been sold to major countries and regions around the world, with quality first and global attention. According to the needs of customers in different industries, we have developed high-precision molds and polyurethane products with super-wear resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, high pressure resistance, different hardness and different use temperatures. The company's CPU polyurethane casting series and TPU polyurethane extrusion series products are widely used in isostatic pressing equipment, polysilicon manufacturing, marine engineering, nuclear power equipment, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical manufacturing, paper industry, printing industry, cement. Ceramics, logistics, construction machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery and other industries.

Complete analytical testing equipment and facilities, complete production equipment, rich polyurethane elastomer production experience and industry knowledge, has formed a complete range of polyurethane elastomer system formula and advanced technology to meet the different needs of customers. Uniquely formulated materials, first-class craftsmanship, focused on high-performance polyurethane products. We can provide you with a customized solution.