Polyurethane Product

Author:Polyurethane Product     Date Posted:30 Nov 2023

Polyurethane Product

During the production process, polycrystalline silicon manufacturers have strict requirements on the purity of silicon materials. They need to avoid contamination of silicon materials by contact objects in the entire production and circulation links as much as possible, especially contamination of silicon materials by metal components. This requires silicon materials to be polluted. The entire production process of materials involves metal tools, production facilities, and transfer equipment (such as silicon rod transfer vehicles, silicon core transfer vehicles, crushing tables, silicon material boxes, weighing trays, silicon material screening equipment, and the use of contact silicon materials] Tools, robot arm grippers, work surfaces, floors, etc.) are isolated and protected.


Traditional protective materials mostly use plastic materials such as PVC, tetrafluoroethylene, PE and ABS. During use, plastics are prone to being fragile, falling off, not wear-resistant, not durable, and have structural defects in the appearance and structure of protective products, which troubles production efficiency and Product quality issues.

Through on-site research and trials, we have developed and selected the types of polyurethane elastomers suitable for this industry. The application of our polyurethane protective products in this field has greatly improved the above defects and improved the product quality and production efficiency of polysilicon. It is good Greater durability also means lower costs.

Why use polyurethane?


High wear resistance: Polyurethane elastomer is the most wear-resistant among currently known polymer materials. Wear resistance means that the generation of debris is reduced, pollution is reduced, and the service life and cost-effectiveness of the product are also improved.


High strength: The excellent tensile and tear strength and impact resistance of polyurethane elastomer make the material capable of more difficult tasks, such as protective sleeves for crushing tables that are used frequently.


Outstanding elongation at break: The elongation at break of polyurethane elastomers is usually 300-800% or even greater, which means that polyurethane will not easily produce material failure even if there is large local deformation during extreme use. fracture, reducing material slag and other undesirable phenomena;

Good elasticity and recovery: Polyurethane elastomer has excellent elasticity and recovery. When in contact with extremely hard and sharp polysilicon materials, it can still heal itself even if it is punctured repeatedly. It is not easy to cause damage to the material and maintains Long-lasting protective function;


Convenient molding process: The flexible process of cast polyurethane elastomer makes large-sized and complex-shaped workpieces possible. Very suitable for the personalized needs of different manufacturers and products;


Purity of materials: The polyurethane protective products we provide are all pure polyurethane materials, do not contain plasticizers, and do not contain any other fillers, so there will be no risk of plasticizers and additives precipitating during product use and contaminating polysilicon. question.

江苏海得实定制聚氨酯PU制品 多晶硅 001-4.jpg

江苏海得实定制聚氨酯PU制品 多晶硅 004-1.jpg

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