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Polyurethane cable protector

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Application: underwater cable, submarine


Main description:

Polyurethane cable protector is resistant to sea water, salt and alkali, impact resistant, long service life, easy installation and good sealing


Polyurethane cable protector

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Underwater cables are widely used in connecting subsea equipment and offshore equipment. They can be used in fresh water, sea water, shallow water and deep water. They can be used as ships, underwater robots, submarines, underwater drones, submarine platforms, submarine motors, etc. 

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Seawater resistant seabed cables are suitable for complex subsea environments such as rivers, lakes and wetlands. Used in submarine motors, pump valves, underwater lighting, wading lights. Subsea applications include subsea oil development, submarine robots, and ship wear-resistant cables. Polyurethane cable protector is corrosion resistant, seawater resistant, abrasion resistant and impact resistant.

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Polyurethane submarine cable cover features:

Polyurethane cable protector is resistant to sea water, oil, cold, corrosion, UV radiation, abrasion resistance, and bending resistance. 

It is suitable for quick installation of polyurethane submarine cable protector. 

It can be placed on the sea floor for a long time and has great stability.

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