Characteristics of Polyurethane

Author:Characteristics of Polyurethane     Date Posted:03 Aug 2022

Characteristics of  Polyurethane

   Polyurethane rods / tubes are abrasion-resistant, solvent and oil-resistant. Urethane is machineable and durable. Polyurethane hollow rods / tubes offer great load-bearing capability and an elastic memory.

  The specialized formulations of the Polyurethane hollow rods/tubes allow ease of grinding or machining. Other available formulas include high rebound urethane with low compression set properties, high-temperature formulations and abrasion-resistant formulations.

   Thanks to their exceptional abrasion resistance, noise and vibration control, product cushioning and insulation, the Polyurethane hollow rods / tubes are widely used in a number of industries, including those using conveyor applications for grain, sand, dirt, crushed stone, cement, metal, salt and related bulk materials.


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